The Odd, The Sweet And The Shitty

Eye Candy

Let’s do quick roundup of some pilots I saw this year which I won’t review in full length for various reasons. This time: Cyber sugar, a sitcom resurrection and a somewhat really shitty comedy.

The Odd Couple

We all know some actors who always seem to play the same role in every movie, in every tv show. Matthew Perry is one of them. That worked well in Go On last year (creatively, unfortunately not ratings-wise), because they had this magnificent ensemble. But this time it’s just Matthew Perry doing his latest charming but cynical Chandler Bing interpretation without even a spark of creativity. They didn’t even try to create a new character this time but rather copied his character from Go On: Perry plays a radio moderator who just lost his wife (this time by divorce). This is so ridiculously lazy and sad to see this sympathetic actor apparently lost all his ambition over his recent flops. The supporting cast doesn’t help, because they are all cliché, so The Odd Couple is nothing more than a standard sitcom, but this might work for you if you’re still a huge Matthew Perry fan.

Eye Candy

This is MTV’s try of putting the trending topic of cyber crime into a fancy drama series. And without having seen the CBS counterpart yet it’s sure to say that Eye Candy is the much fresher and more appealing approach than CSI: Cyber. Eye Candy’s story is in total touch with the latest cyber trends built arround a dating app used by a serial killer to meet his victims. The pilot is fast-paced, looking great, but sadly also laughably unplausible. The characters are no more than pretty faces, the hacking stuff doesn’t make much sense and the story’s twists and turns are simply ridiculous. Eye Candy is a fun ride. Switch off your brain and you’ll have a lot of fun, otherwise you won’t bare this nonsense for long.

Schitt’s Creek

The concept of this comedy show was developed by American Pie’s Eugene Levy and his son Daniel, who also both play main roles. Well, they won’t be the next big stars of creator heaven since Schitt’s Creek is all like seen before. A millionaire’s family loses all they had in a blink of an eye and has to move to a shabby town called “Schitt’s creek” they own. The only thing they still own. It’s a classic culture clash scenario when the riches struggle with the simple life. In this case there’s also antagonist Roland Schitt, the town’s mayor. A really disgusting guy, unfortunately even for the audience. In the end Schitt’s Creek falls between the cracks. It’s humour is at some times really subversive, at some other times blant and sometimes I couldn’t recognize any jokes at all. The actors are great, but some of the characters aren’t. It’s a matter of personal taste whether you like this or not.

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