Champaign Dinner For One

The Last Man On Earth

Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like if you were the last man on earth? All off mankind suddenly vanishing – well, not so suddenly – first they prevent all the shit that would go down with them like crashing airplanes or melting power plants – leaving the whole city (and beyond) open just for you. You could literally do whatever you want, only alone. If you never thought about that, maybe you need some inspiration: watch this pilot.

This is the story of Phil Miller, the last man on earth after a massive virus epidemic. The reason of him being there alone (in the whole United States) isn’t important, since we won’t see any bodies lying around or stuff like that. It’s just a normal nowaday world without people. So, with only one protagonist who has nobody to speak to, what does The Last Man On Earth show? Phil stealing stuff worth millions. Phil praying for women. Phil playing bowling in the parking lot. Phil playing bowling in the parking with aquariums, Phil playing car bowling in the parking lot. Phil sleeping in a kid’s swimming pool filled with champaign. Drinking from the same pool. Don’t want to spoil any more – there’s lots of this stuff in the episode.

Reads like there’s no story there at all. That’s partly true, it’s mostly a sequence of Phil fooling around. But that’s pretty hilarious and great fun to watch. But between these bizarre bits of comedy there is a darker tone connecting the pieces with Phil dispairing of his loneliness, his unbaring desire of just another soul he can share this world with. And in the end.. well his prayers pay off. Mostly.

The Last Man On Earth is totally bizarre and different from all the other current comedy shows. It may be not your taste of humour, but it’s definitely worth to try and find out.

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