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Heroes: Reborn

Some preliminary note before I get to reviewing the “somehow pilot” episode of Heroes: Reborn: I quit watching Heroes some episodes into its third season. In the beginning Heroes was superb. Fascinating, epic, visually awesome but still realistic. After the second big break of the first season (I think it was six episodes left) it went downhill. Fast. The season finale was disappointing, the second season had these crude storylines. Maybe someone remembers the mexican siblings who kept travelling but nothing ever happened. It didn’t got any better in season 3 so I was out. I never watched the remaining episodes. I didn’t even read what happened. But I suppose if NBC wants to attract new viewers that’s not a must.
Heroes: Reborn is 100% Tim Kring. The man who doesn’t tell stories but puzzle pieces. The man who lets his shows take place in half a dozen countries just because he can. It’s his definition of epicness. This is what he did in the orginal Heroes, in Touch and then again in Dig (although I only saw two episodes of this). I totally admit Kring knows how do produce television that feels big. And confusing.
Again, it’s hard to tell what’s going on or what this new show is about in the end. The Evos (people with special powers) are hunted down, there’s the masked hero who dies, a flying business man, there’s Noah Bennett, who’s mind got erased, a japanese girl who in fact is a videogame character, a boy hunted down by Evo killers, a blonde controlling nordic lights. And “something is coming.” Of course nobody tells us what that’s supposed to mean. As always.
All of this is technically done well, although I tend to remember the original Heroes had slightly better special effects. After all you don’t need to know anything about the past Heroes indeed,┬ábut it remains the Kring-typical hit or miss: Will this be an epic tale like Heroes season 1 or a storyline trainwreck like the first season of Touch? Only time will tell. Or maybe some time-travel.

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