The Aliens

Is it the pointy ears? No. Is it the slimy tentacles? Also no. Or maybe it’s the two hearts pounding? Again. No. So how can you identify the aliens from .. well .. The Aliens? It’s the hair! No, it’s not green or yellow or slimy or non-existent. You need to smoke it, because this will make you get high as hell.

You see, it’s the kind of alien story that yan be told nowhere else than in the UK: Aliens with stoner hair. As far as we know yet after seeing the pilot there is nothing else unusual about them and the final twist let’s me suspect there won’t be anything else in the future. The Aliens is about aliens living in a slum separated from the human civilization by heavily guarded borders. They stranded on Earth some decades ago or so – it’s not really important. The story centers around Lewis, a young border patrol guard who gets sucked into the dark world of drugs, violence and smuggle. And he’s got a secret, even he himself doesn’t know about yet.

In the end this show isn’t really about aliens. It’s about immigrants, about people who look the same as we do but come from foreign place. It’s very political, but it’s also trying not to be too ethical, thus mixing the subtext with a wild composition of crazyness, dark humour and sci-fi stuff. To be honest the result is hard to swallow. The characters aren’t really sympathetic, the humour is very special (but the same you know from other E4 shows like Misfits), the sci-fi isn’t really sci-fi. Are you ready for a weird british wild trip, then hop on and enjoy the 6-episode ride! Otherwise this might just not be the right show for you.

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