Hey, that bear is dating a human girl, that’s crazy!

The Muppets

I have to make a confession first: I’ve never seen anything of the Muppets before. Okay, there was a little bit here and there, some trailer, some appearances in advertising, but that’s about it. I don’t even know why since I like a wide variety of humour in tv shows, I loved the Jim Henson creatures on Farscape and I even watched some of my childhood favorites again just a few years ago. Funny puppies, childish or at least family-friendly – sounds perfect. And the trailer was really great, so give it to me now! (Oh my gosh, I think I just insulted a whole fandom with this “childish” comment)

So, what’s my impression after watching the pilot episode? Underwhelmed. It was just so .. not funny. Maybe not funny in a [[Modern Family] kind of way, its humour totally passed me by when I first watched it and learned to love it the more episodes I watched. And stilistically these two shows share some big similarities since both are designed as mockumentaries. But maybe it just didn’t work out very well with The Muppets. Some crazy creatures doing a late night show, a bear dating a pretty girl and having dinner with her parents. On paper this sounds really funny but unfortunately it is not. It’s more like “Hey, that bear is dating a human girl, that’s crazy!” and not like actually anything particularly funny happening on there, because inside the show this is just a rather normal situation. And showing a rather normal dinner replacing one participant by a bear – that’s just a good start, not a great final script.

In the end if you’re a fan of the Muppets, I guess it’s nice to see them back on a weekly basis. But in the long run this show needs to develop a sense of humour that works inside the show’s reality.

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