Songs, Dances And Mad laughs


Please be prepared, because this comes from the channel who brought to you sitcom gems like Cavemen, The Neighbors and Work It. Well, I actually liked The Neighbors a lot, but it fits well into this little list of “why the hell would anyone order a show like this?” sitcoms.

Can Galavant even be classified as a sitcom? I don’t know, there’s just to much mixing of genres going on. Let’s call it a fairy tale comedy musical. A tale about love and deception, lost faith and the beginning of a journey. And about knights, kings and guardsmen singing and dancing.

Galavant is very different from everything else on today’s tv. It lives on its musical numbers and it has a lot of them. So many that they slow down the story significantly. We get to know some of the background story but in real time next to nothing happens. In fact the main character spends nearly all the time in a dark room doing nothing. And still: I really enjoyed this pilot episode and am eager to see how it developes after the next weeks. Will it become more story-driven? Will the musical numbers begin to get on my nerves?

If you don’t like musicals you really, really, absolutely should forgo Galavant. All others: give it a try! Its just 20 minutes of your time and it will make you laugh. Maybe a mad laugh of disbelieve, but still a laugh.

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