Zombie Kills Per Minute


If ¬†you are a hardcore zombie fanatic who always wanted to love The Walking Dead but never could because it was too boring, too talky, this might be your new favorite show. Forty minutes of straight-away zombie action – cheap as hell. Hmm? Yes, there are downside you have to take into account when you decide to watch a show broadcast by Syfy (the channel which recently brought to you virus trasher Helix, never living up to its potential Defiance and so boring I didn’t watched the full pilot Dominion) and produced by The Asylum. In case this is the first tie you hear of The Asylum: it is the studio which made such brillant evergreens as Sharknado, Sharknado 2 and mockbusters of nearly every successful Hollywood blockbuster that premiered in the last decade. The Asylum’s business model can be summarized as

Use their names, take very, very little money, produce some goopd-looking promo shots and fill the rest with next to nothing (because they only see it after they bought the dvd).

After watching Z Nation’s pilot I have to admit: The Asylum mastered the art of working with no money nearly to perfection. Z Nation looks much more expensive than it was. The show has a distinctive look showing the world in very desaturated colours and it presents zombies (in fact hordes of zombies) which are really able to creep you off. I will not lie: there are some other special effects that look absolutely embarrassing.

Besides this there are no surprises: everything else with this show is just wrong. To begin with the story has barely fragments of what you could call a story. There is an overall story arc of an immune survivor who needs to cross the zombie-invaded country, but that is just used as an excuse to put one episode of zombie encounter after another with next to no connection at all. We have: zombie invade a lab, zombies attack on the street, zombies on a bus, zombies on a farm, zombies in a lake, zombies around a human’s cage and a baby turned zombie.

If you are enthusiastic about some gory zombie shorts with some shallow characters beating one another’s zombie kills per minute mark - Z Nation is your show! But if you are turned off by lines that unintendedly makes you laugh out loud, effects that unintendedly makes you laugh out loud and expect even a tiny bit of character depth: I am absolutely certain the next zombie show is just around the corner (in fact it is TheCW’s I, Zombie, but that is not very promising as well).

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